Our company has built and handed over successfully another one stainless steel flameproof (ATEX) mobile mixer-homogenizer for a large pharmaceutical company for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products up to 15000cps.


The main features are as follows:

  • Usable capacity 120 lt
  • Electrically opened
  • Mobile
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L (EN 1.4404)
  • Suitable for operation under pressure (+1 bar) and in absolute vacuum (-1bar) inside
  • Internal and external surfaces highly polished to a mirror plane (Super Mirror) Ra ≤ 0.02 microns
  • Sluggish stirring anchor with blades inclined
  • Multiturn stirring disc dispersion (dispersion blade)
  • With diaphragm manometer (-1 +3 bar)
  • Insurance pressure valve
  • Spayball purged with CIP
  • Waiting edge clamp
  • Valve bottom hygienic
  • Explosionproof electrical panel

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