Dockweiler Clamp Gaskets – The Ultimate Traceability.

Absolute traceability is required for all components and parts of pharmaceutical facilities. In general, traceability is rarely ensured in gaskets, since when the packet containing the gaskets is opened, the manufacturer’s information on construction materials and dimensions is usually lost. For this reason, all Dockweiler gaskets are marked with laser technology.

Construction material: EPDM,PTFE,Silicone.

Dimensions: Imperial, ISO, Metric.

Dockweiler gaskets allow optimal protection against possible contamination and meet FDA specifications that all parts of the plant must be fully traceable. All gaskets comply with DIN 32676 and meet the requirements of USP of Class VI.


  • Safety of the entire installation.
  • Clean and indelible marking.
  • Avoid mixing different materials per construction.
  • Easier replacement.
  • Easier, safer and faster control.


  • Absence of friction particles.
  • Minimum TOC (Total Organic Carbon) after repositioning.
  • Smaller replacement times.

The optimum safety of the production process is guaranteed by Laser marking, cleaning and controlled quality.

Dockweiler Tuf-Flex Seals – Maximum Safety for Critical Media and Applications.

Tuf_Flex_DOCKWEILERTuf-Flex type gaskets combine the characteristics of EPDM with those of PTFE gaskets. The surfaces of the gasket that comes into contact with the product are made of PTFE. The inner core is made of EPDM.

This absolute combined type of gasket provides maximum cleaning capability, durability and high flexibility.

Dimensions: Imperial  from 1/2″ to 4″ (12.70mm to 101.40mm).

Tuf-Flex seals are designed to meet the requirements of the modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

They are used in the production of High Purity Water (WFI), WFI (Water For Injection) and in all aseptic production processes.

Tuf-Flex seals combine the excellent EPDM non-stick properties with the high flexibility of PTFE.

There are no risks of contamination.

Flexible Hoses – High purity hoses with no dead volumes.

Dockweiler has flexible hoses of different materials. All hoses meet the company’s quality requirements and have the necessary traceability and certificates. All specialized materials are free of plasticizers and other additives.ευκαπτοι-σωληνες-hoses

Construction Material:  Silicone, EPDM, PTFE

Dimensions: Imperial, ISO, Metric

Hoses provide safe means of transportation in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, food industry and other related industries.

  • Standards Silicone: USP Class VI,FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, ISO 10993,European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9, 3 Α Sanitary Standards, NSF 51(core).
  • Standards EPDM: FDA 21 CFR 17.2600, USDA, 3A Sanitary Standards, PMO (US Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance).
  • Standards PTFE: 3A Sanitary Standards, USP Class VI,FDA CFR 177.1550

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