Inox Style Kyriakou for more than 35 years designs and manufactures production and processing machinery of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products. Our long experience within the industrial production of machinery of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and the continuous training of our staff to new directives and regulations ensure high quality results and efficiency.

Our main goal and principle is the full satisfaction of the requirements of each production. Therefore designed and manufactured customized machinery and equipment which meet the requirements and desires and the corresponding URS of each client. Our range of machinery covers from a small laboratory to large industrial manufacturers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Below, we mention indicative categories of machinery production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that you can find in our assortment:

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic production machines are designed and manufactured:

  • According to the directives of the EU / FDA GMP and WHO GMP.
  • With particular emphasis on work safety. According to all relevant EU directives and standards. (CE marking).
  • With Special surface Ra roughness (on demand).
  • PED (on demand).
  • ATEX (on demand).
  • No dead spots (Dead Legs), fully cleaned. Compatible with C.I.P. / S.I.P. Systems.
  • Fully automated systems or manual.
  • Recordings of the proceedings..

All machines are accompanied by complete technical file with the necessary documentation (Documentation) and certification.

Inox Style provides all the services which may be attached to a machine.

  • Plug and Installation Services.
  • Maintenance Services.
  • Spare Parts Services.
  • Services in Place, Modification / Cleaning etc.

For over 35 years some of the largest companies in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics industry trust Inox Style Kyriakou and this proves the effectiveness of our solutions. At the same time this trust puts the commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining the quality of our products and services, at the highest levels.