Distribution Networks of Pharmaceutical Waters (Loops).There are four main types of pharmaceutical waters referring to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry:



  • Drinking Water (Potable Water).
  • Pure Water or Purified Water (Deionized Water).
  • Ultrapure Water (Highly Purified Water).
  • Water for Injection.


The high quality standards of pharmaceutical waters mentioned above impose strict design and construction delivery systems (loops and sub loops) and storage in accordance with cGMP of EU / FDA Pharmacopeia.
These systems should be designed and constructed to ensure that it will not cause any kind of contamination or microbial growth due to the system itself. You should also ensure easy maintenance and scalability of the system (sub loops and additional storage tanks).
Some parameters that should be considered in the original design of piping networks and deionized water storage tanks or any other medicinal water are:




  • Materials that will come into contact with the product made of stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • Elastomeric parts with FDA 21 CFR approvals.
  • Fittings type Sanitary.
  • 100% drainage systems (Loops).
  • Fluid Study Network (turbulent flows, etc.).
  • Adjust pressures in the network (positive pressure).
  • Sampling points.
  • Avoid dead spots (dead legs / dead zones).
  • Study consolidation issues (Sanitization).
  • Desired handling network (Manual or Automated).


Inox Style has 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical water distribution pipe networks (loops) and storage systems. The accumulated expertise and constant updating and training to new regulations and directives guarantee a reliable and high performance / quality results.
The construction and placement of deionized water networks and other medicinal waters:

  • Performed by qualified personnel.
  • Performed by certified welders certified welding processes.
  • It consists of pipes AISI 316L according ASME BPE Standard.
  • It contains the necessary measuring equipment (TOC, Ozone, pH, Conductivity, etc.).
  • Accompanied by P & ID and Isometric Drawings.
  • Accompanied by physical certificates and other documentation.

Inox Style can research and construct extensions to existing deionized water distribution network or to take the necessary corrective actions when required for the system to comply with regulations.