What are bursting discs?

The rupture disks or bursting discs belong to the class of safety devices. Essentially it is a pressure relief devices. The rupture disks consist of thin metal layers, which have a tolerance of the design pressure of the structure that we want to protect. They are single-use devices such as they are destroyed when exceeded the desired limit pressure / vacuum to provide relief. Generally rupture discs are used to protect pressure vessels, equipment and systems from damaging effects of over-pressure or vacuum. The rupture discs may be used as only means of protection or as backup protection systems in combination with pressure relief valves.


Application fields.

Rupture discs are placed in pressure vessels and tanks, machinery and equipment which are to be protected from damage caused by pressure or vacuum. There rupture discs categories suitable for the requirements of each industry and application. Indicatively fields of application:


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Inox Style collaborates with one of the leading supply rupture discs companies in Europe, the Italian company DonadonSDD. DonadonSDD manufactures for over 60 years rupture disks and holds the highest levels of expertise in this field.

Rupture Discs on Pharmaceutical / Sanitary Applications.

Donadon SDD manufactures the rupture discs series NS NanoScored which are suitable for sanitary applications. The NS NanoScored discs can be safely applied to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, biotechnology, food industry, in CIP and / or S.I.P. facilities and technologies and productions that must comply with good manufacturing practices (GMP).
General specifications of the NS NanoScored series:

  • Material AISI 316L stainless steel or other alloys according to customer specifications.
  • Smoothed surfaces.
  • Mounting on sanitary type ends (Tri-Clamp).
  • Large burst pressure range.
  • Wide range of diameters.
  • Ability of vacuum burst.
  • Ability to burst into non-PED applications. Pressures below 0.5barg diameters 1 “½ (DN 40) and above.
  • Conventional or forward acting.
  • Compression or reverse acting.
  • Models with opening the perimeter Donadon Y90 / NS.
  • Seals PTFE with FDA approvals.

Key advantages of the NS NanoScored series:

  • Accuracy.
  • Reliability.
  • Absence of fragmentation even at high burst pressure.
  • Low burst pressure >0,5 barg.
  • Available from DN 10 to DN 600 (24 “).
  • Flexibility of manufacturing Material: Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium etc.

The rupture disks can be accompanied by special electronic detectors (alarms).