Vacuum mixer- homogenizers, type VMO, are designed to provide high-quality productions of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and personal care products. Examples of production products: ointments, cosmetic creams, suspensions, gels, toothpaste, mascara, make-ups, lipsticks, hair care products etc.

Features – Characteristics

1. Homogenizers rotor – stator type with controlled rotation speed

2. Two sluggish stirrings with controlled rotation speed :

  • A stirring anchor type fitted with Teflon scrapers
  • Central counter-rotating blades

3. Hydraulic lifting of the top of the vessel
4. Ability of reversal of the drum (up to 500lt)
5. Heating and cooling of the vessel
6. Necessary auxiliary equipment, instrumentation, sensors, safety valves etc.
7. Central control panel PLC, screen control and programmability of stirring , filling / evacuating the vessel, cooling / heating, creating recipes, etc.
8. Designed for pharmaceutical use, construction without dead spots
9. Ability to build explosion-proof (ATEX)
10. CE marking
11. Design due to PED in EN 13445
12. Design according the security of machinery and assessment of risk and reduction of risk by EN ISO 12100
13. Design in accordance with the guidelines of the FDA and ISPE
14. cGMP
15. Cleaning in place CIP – SIP – Sterilization in place
16. Documentation of construction materials – Welding Methods
17. Designed to achieve the minimum production time, the highest quality and safety work of each operator
18. Customizable dimensions, types of mixing, capacity, building according to the product and specifications of each customer