Inox Style – Kyriakou has over 30 years experience in the stainless steel equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries and deep knowledge of the needs of each production line and for this reason proceed into partnership with leading Japanese company in rotary piston pumps, Nakakin. We are confident that the combination of top quality Japanese Nakakin pumps with excellent expertise and immediate support of our company can guarantee the best result for you and your production.

λοβωτες αντλιες


About Nakakin:

Nakakin began its operations in 1950 as a manufacturer of wooden patterns and cast dies. To this day, we utilize our technological expertise to manufacture products that require the utmost precision such as automobile engine parts. Nakakin has supplied engine parts such as manifolds to major car companies such as Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, Suzuki, and so on. Using this technology, we manufacture our pumps from the raw material stage. This means that we have full control over all stages of production right from the start. We monitor both the production and assembly of our pumps, ensuring the highest quality standards. We continue to stay ahead of our competitors through our original manufacturing techniques and specially developed mate rials such as Nakamura Metal No. 3. We currently hold the top position in the Japanese market and export a number of pumps to locations throughout the world. Nakakin continues to advance with our vision to always deliver “Technology & Confidence”.
The Unique Features of Rotary Piston pumps NAKAKIN:

  • Nakamura Metal No. 3. Nakamura Metal No. 3 is a unique product that we developed using our advanced molding technology. It is a special alloy that has minimum expansion even under high temperatures.
  • Smallest Clearance. Our pumps are constructed as “non-contact structure pumps“. There are no touching parts in the pump’s wetted area. The pumps … provide an excellent capability to convey a constant volume of liquid. … are self-priming. They can be even used for vacuum pumping. … allow for the distribution of liquids of all different levels of viscosity. … have a maximum discharge pressure of 15 bar.
  • High degree of cleanability. Can be completely cleaned with a CIP (Cleaning In Place) system! No need to do time-consuming COP (Cleaning Out Of Place). The pump’s wetted parts are easy to disassemble.


Series JM/JO Series JMU Series SC Series ΑΧΜΝ
ΛΟΒΩΤΕΣ ΑΝΤΛΙΕΣ JMU-antlies-nakakin-lobotes SC-antlies-nakakin-lovotes AMXN-antlies-lobotes
Our standard with inside seal
(JM = mechanical seal, JO = O-ring seal).
A large number of variations available.
Our pump with outside mechanical seal
represents an improvement in
anti-corrosion and anti-slurry properties.
This pump allows for easiest cleaning
without any liquid residues.
The double-layered structure with steam barriers
prevents contamination from external air.
A series that is compatible with aseptic lines.




Performance Product Viscosity Materials
• Flow rate up to approx. 90,000 l/h
• Operation pressure up to 15 bar
• Suction head up to 9 mWS
• Up to 300.000 mPas • Pump housing and cover: stainless steel (1.4571/AISI 316)• Double blade rotors of patented alloy
Design Colors Materials of Mechanical Shaft Seals
  • Easy stock-keeping and spares inventorydue to standardized sizes
• Screw-type mounting foot for
horizontal and vertical installation
• Flow direction: left ↔right,, up↔down
• Munsell 7.5 GY 9/2
• Further RAL-lacquer oatings on request
• Carbon/ceramics
• Tungsten carbide
• Silicon carbide
• Further materials on request
Temperature Resistance Connections (Suction and Pressure Side)  Sealing Materials of O-rings
• Up to 95°C
• Optional up to 150°C
• Threaded connection (DN) DIN 11851
• Aseptic flange DIN 11864-2
• Aseptic threaded connection
DIN 11864-1
• Tri-clamp ISO 2852
• Further connection types on request
• Viton
• Further materials on request


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Video Demonstration of Rotary Piston Pump  Fast Cleanability Video Demonstration of Rotary Piston Pump High Viscosity Liquid Pumping
Video Demonstration of Rotary Piston Pump  Solids Pumping