We undertake the entire study, design and implementation of stainless steel pipe networks of high requirements and specifications (Welding Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes). For more than 30 years we produce and install stainless steel pipe networks to any production site, even at the most demanding and unusual. The design and construction are performed by experienced and qualified personnel in accordance with national, international and European standards and in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Skilled welders use certified welding methods due to ELOT EN ISO 15614.01 and qualified in welding due to EN 287-1.

We offer solutions at the industry related to pipe networks which indicative include:

  1. Transportation and Distribution of ultrapure / deionized water etc.
  2. Networks for distribution of milk and other beverages
  3. Distribution of raw materials and final products
  4. Pipeline networks which require low average roughness Ra of internal surfaces
  5. Steam networks
  6. Pressure networks
  7. Modification of existing networks or replacement parts of them
  8. Connect machinery and equipment to the existing network of plants etc.

At the same time Inox Style is able to supply all the necessary auxiliary equipment, electromechanical components of a network such as pumps, special or not, C.I.P. systems, measuring instruments, electrical and control panels (P.L.C.), flow and mass meters, diaphragm valves, automation etc. .