The storage tanks of deionized water and other clean medicinal liquids if they designed correctly, they can provide a number of advantages compared with systems which do not have tanks. Two main advantages which can be indicatively mentioned are:

  • The Possibility of backup in case of unexpected shutdowns of deionized production equipment / ultrapure water.

  • Minimizing the capacity required of the generating unit net or ultrapure water for instant demands of the plant.

The storage tanks that are placed in recirculation systems (loops) of deionized water are also used, in the phase of consolidation / sterilization of pipe network.

The deionized water storage tanks and other clean pharmaceutical waters are made of austenitic stainless chromionikeliouchous quality steels AISI 316L / EN 1.4404 and the surfaces which come into contact with the product should follow the ASME BPE. They have cylindrical shape but in most cases are vertical. Usually they are placed near the deionized water plants.
During the design and construction of deionized water storage tank should be given special attention in the following indicative parameters:

  • Determining the size of the storage tank to ensure that they can meet the production needs at any case.

  • Design without dead spots and dead zones (dead legs / zones).

  • Planning to ensure the non-occurrence of microorganisms and the presence of biofilm. ΑΠΟΘΗΚΕΥΤΙΚΕΣ ΔΕΞΑΜΕΝΕΣ ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΥΤΙΚΩΝ ΝΕΡΩΝ

  • Maximum usable volume and ensuring continuously wetted surfaces.

  • Control and adjust the maximum / minimum level.

  • Choosing an appropriate breathing filter (vent filter).

  • Select safety components (rapture discs etc.) sanitary type.

  • Select type sanitary fittings (sanitary).

  • Manufacture according to the URS system.

  • Best quality and price.

  •  Temperature control (depending on the type of system).

Storage tanks destined for deionized water and other applications of the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics should be designed, constructed and connected to the piping network by specialized teams according to the protocols of the industry and the current guidelines to ensure high quality of the final product.

The Inox Style for over 35 years designs and manufactures storage tanks for the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics following faithfully the guidelines of the US / Eu Pharmacopeia and best practices FDA / Eu cGMP and all necessary EU directives and standards. Specialized engineers design the storage and specialized teams carry out the execution of projects. The method of welding and welders are certified by an independent organization.